It’s starting to worry me a little.

A while back, I dreamed that Jon Snow was definitely dead. I knew this for sure, because he died under a tree outside my house. It was very sad. Some time before that, I had a dream where Robb Stark was trying to conduct some kind of diplomacy in a version of Westeros that was half Earthsea and half water-park. I have no idea what my brain wanted from me with that one.

A couple of nights ago, I dreamed Bran was on the Iron Throne, and wasn’t happy about it. Somehow, in the dream, he was next in line after Joffrey; I think the Stark and Lannister families were merged into one.


I think mainly I’m just alarmed that the show occupies so many of my thoughts, even while it’s not on the air. I enjoy it a lot, but it’s not like it’s my religion. At least I hope it isn’t.